Sarah is a 27-year-old newly trained sales rep who has just picked up her second job in a marketing agency. She’s driven and has a laundry list of successes from her previous job. Her boss, Jim, has just given Sarah the task of answering the phone system for the day. On average, this marketing agency receives 200 – 300 different calls a day from both existing and prospective clients. The task is tedious and is a great test to see if Sarah can survive the chaos. Below, you will find two different scenarios. One of which is without a call tracking system implemented within the marketing agency, and the second with. Take note of the major difference in the temperament of Sarah and the effectiveness of her work when a call tracking solution is provided.

Scenario 1: Sarah hangs up the phone in angst; She just had a 10-minute phone call with a prospective client until suddenly, the connection is lost. Confused, Sarah tries the redial button only to discover that the prospective customer was calling from a private number. So, now what? Unfortunately, the caller was quite the talker and Sarah didn’t have the chance to ask them their name or where they were calling from, only to answer their questions. Sad, Sarah runs to tell her boss about the situation, she’s used to emailing clients and obtaining their contact information at the push of a button, so getting the information via a call has been quite the challenge for her. Understanding her frustration, her boss tells her to get ’em next time, and to try and ask for their information up front. However, as a sales representative, that can be quite difficult sometimes. The lack of a call tracking software has lost a prospective client and lowered the selling confidence of an employee.

Scenario 2: Sarah hangs up the phone and is smiling from ear to ear. She has generated more leads today than she has in the past week of working at her new company. Jim, her boss, has just implemented a call tracking system as of this morning. Curious as to what the system can do, Sarah answers her next phone call with a new outlook.

  • Sarah: “Hello, how can I help you?”
  • Customer: “I’m inquiring about one of your marketing services on Would you be able to give me more information?”
  • Sarah: “Sure! So, you are looking into our…”

Just then the connection cuts out. Panicked Sarah reaches for the phone again, only to go through the same sequence as she did before. Redial, redial, redial. Just like the last time, the technique has failed. Now what? Sarah, in the midst of running to tell her boss, realizes that the call tracking system was just implemented this morning. Hopeful, Sarah runs back to her desk and logs into the call tracking platform via her computer. To her surprise, everything from the caller’s full name, location, even the solution the user was checking out when the call took place has been captured. Ever since the call tracking solution was implemented, Sarah has managed to increase her qualified lead rate by over %50! Tracking phone calls have proved it’s worth, now it’s up to your sales reps to close the deal.