Ready to take customer experience to a new level? Real-time analytics allows leadership and decision makers to keep a pulse on anything and everything in their business when it comes to data.

Utilizing real-time analytics is key for businesses who want to tap into where and how their leads are being generated. But, not all businesses are aware of the benefits of real-time analytics or the simplicity of signing up for an easy to use tool that can configure your data right into your POS system.

Take Julie for example. Julie is the owner of a self-storage facility in Buffalo, NY. She has a total of 3 people running the phones within the facility.

Julie is currently advertising on three different marketing channels. She has:

  • An ad on TV that plays at 7:15 pm every day during Wheel of Fortune.
  • A billboard that’s displayed on the main skyway coming up into the city.
  • A Google search ad that pops up every time the word “self-storage buffalo” is typed in.

Within these ads are unique phone numbers so that Julie can track her marketing efforts (aka what’s working, what’s not).

Often times, Julie’s 3 support people find that while they are all on a call, more calls keep coming in. For Julie and team, this can be a problem in addition to:

  • A caller hanging up
  • Overall poor reception
  • A call being disconnected

A report from BIA/Kelsey estimates that mobile calls to businesses will grow to 169 billion by 2020. Growth will stem from a number of factors from search ads (paid and organic) to traditional display ads and more.

How will Julie deal with the amount of traffic in a year?

Julie’s employees are already starting to feel stressed & overwhelmed by a number of inbound calls and it’s affecting the way the inbound call is handled. AKA, poor customer service. Face it, it’s not the employee or employers fault, frankly more calls can be a great thing, but given the current circumstances, Julie only has room in the budget for three people to handle the phones. So, how do we solve the issue of overwhelmed employees, a stressed out employer and a growing self-storage business? The answer is real-time analytics.

‘Technologists and data gurus are showing us how to use data to understand our organizations, our markets and ourselves,’ says Greg Crandell in his article Data-Driven Dialogues Will Define Successful Organizations. ‘They are bringing us the tools to transform our shops and better serve our customers.’

As Julie’s self-storage company continues to grow and expand, real-time analytics is going to play a bigger role in its future. What if you could start boosting your ROI exponentially by integrating real-time analytics into your POS? As Greg Candell puts it,

‘Using fewer people to deliver better service, reducing risk, and providing greater personalization to the customer, at a lower per-transaction cost is the 21st century’s holy grail.’

By utilizing real-time analytics, Julie and her employees know who’s calling, where they are located, and what number to reach them. So let’s re-work the situation above with real-time analytics in play.

Tom, Larry and Mary (Julie’s 3 employees) are busy as always on the phones. Each one has received a call and “missed” another. However, this time is different. By utilizing real-time analytics, caller information, whether the call is answered or not, is automatically-populated into the self-storage facilities POS using TeleTracker.  Julie’s employees now have that opportunity to call folks back in a timely fashion, rather than trying to hurry up on the phone to avoid missing another call. Digitalist Magazine points out how a business should be utilizing this data in a recent post called Three Reasons Your Company Needs Real-Time Analytics…

‘With the ability to track individuals and their actions, businesses should be using this technology and harnessing and leveraging to create better customer experiences that are relevant and targeted. This is completely possible if real-time data is applied in real-time.’

In addition to inbound caller information, Julie, as the owner of the self-storage facility has the opportunity to “use real-time analytics to factor into predictive analytics and look at real-time KPIs to better understand employee performance,” as Jen Cohen Crompton explains in Three Reasons Your Company Needs Real-Time Analytics.

To learn more about the role real-time analytics can play in your self-storage company, join IVR Technology Group and Sitelink in this exclusive webinar.