1. Location, Location, Location!

How did your customers hear about your company’s new campaign? Maybe that radio ad that ran during rush hour did the trick. Maybe it was those TV commercials during the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. When you invest your marketing budget, you’re looking for a measurable ROI. Click to call advertising can increase your ROI immensely, find out why…

Click to call advertising removes the guesswork, and shows you the information you need to prove ROI. This allows you to accurately see what works, what doesn’t, and where to invest. This can be achieved by placing unique phone numbers on your advertising channels. With that said…

  1. Give out your digits – one way or another.

In a perfect world, you’d be able to get multiple unique toll-free numbers for your campaigns. Getting a toll-free number is a tried and true method to help people think about your brand and get them in touch with you. A good toll-free number will be what people read on a billboard during rush hour traffic or even heard sung in a radio jingle.

As this is not a perfect world, it may be a little difficult to get a bunch of toll-free numbers you want. Fortunately, a solution to this problem can be found with your customer’s smart device…

  1. Make it convenient for customers to reach you.

According to Nielsen, over 171 million Americans have a smart device on them at all times. Over 85% of those smart device users are Millennials. They’ll likely be searching for you online. Therefore, It pays to invest in a click-to-call button. When a customer searches for you online, the click-to-call button allows them to connect to your company’s location. In turn, you have the opportunity to use analytics and figure out where to invest your advertising budget.

This works because of dynamic phone number insertion. The customer sees your phone number is displayed but the back-end click-to-call numbers are unique. Now, you can find out how they got to your website and figure out which search engines to invest in.

Call tracking can help you target your mobile advertising investment.

  1. Get started today.

CallOutcome360 is IVR Technology Group’s innovative call tracking system that allows you to target your ads, and reach your customers. We gather demographic information about your customers by tracking where they are calling from.

CallOutcome360 will also help strengthen your SEO. We’ll track which keywords brought customers to you, and help guide you to the best way to advertise online. No matter how a customer found you, we provide reports that will allow you to track which channels of advertising you should invest in.