How does a company measure the value of their website? Certainly, if a company uses different means to attract a target audience to visit it must be doing something right. Yet, drawing attention is meanless if those leads don’t convert to sales. Adding a click to call function can have a significant effect on your conversion rate.

Connect the Customer Right Away

According to Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans own smartphones. This is an increase of 125% from five years ago. More likely than not, when a customer comes to your website they will do so on their smartphone. Adding a click to call button on your website has an impact on your conversion rate. How much of an impact? According to Jupiter Research, online revenues can increase as much as 45%. Furthermore, the likelihood of a conversion is twice that of just advertising a toll-free number alone. The click to call button allows the call to be made in one fluid motion.

Click to Call Improves Communication

While some companies prefer to utilize different channels to connect with a customer, this isn’t as impactful as a phone call. According to Forrester Research, 45% of consumers prefer to speak to a customer service agent over the phone.  This is because customers want to answers right away. More likely than not, if a customer can’t get an answer to their question from a website, they’ll move on.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

A sure way to drive away customers is to not make your site mobile friendly. Since more users are likely to visit your site with a mobile device, it’s best to make sure your website mobile-friendly. Google also implemented a major overhaul of its search algorithm some time back. This allowed Google to reward sites that were deemed “mobile-friendly.” Test them out yourself or try one of these options.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Paying your company should be a convenience to the customer. Offering the ability to connect to an IVR Payment System, or live agent, from your website can streamline your payment process. Offer a click to call option for your customers in order to make it happen.