March Madness is in full swing, and people are getting ready to watch the Sweet Sixteen play. Besides watching some great upsets, one of the things that caught my attention was the amount of advertising that takes place. Even the ladder the players climb, to cut down the net, is sponsored (get those scissor sponsorships ready). Advertisers invest over 1 billion dollars over the course of the tournament. That’s more than the Super Bowl.

Just like the players use key strategies, so do the advertisers. They plan out which medium to place ads based off the viewing habits of their audience. Adweek recently noted that while 44.7 % of viewers watch the game on television, 27.2 % will watch via computer, while 16.3% on their mobile phones. Based off the medium they use, this allows them to target different age demographics and what ads to run via each of the mediums. Another key strategy involves when to run ads. People will be less likely to watch when their teams get knocked out.

Call tracking helps you develop key strategies

What’s the best way to reach your customers: Targeting! Whether it’s a billboard on the highway, Radio Ads, TV ads, or mobile advertisements. Who your customer base is, and how to reach them, is important. Call tracking allows you to develop strategies so that you can know what works to reach your customers.

Call tracking shows you exactly what medium generates the best results.

When different numbers are assigned to different means of advertisements call tracking can allow you to figure out how to get the best return on your investment. In this example, the analytic reporting show that more calls came as a result of radio ads, then other mediums.

However, other factors have to be taken into consideration:

  • What time do you get the most calls?
  • What day do most customers call in?
  • Where are these calls coming from?

Analytic reports will help you, and your company, get your message out to your customers and help them find you.

Star players use skill, precision, and strategy to lead their team to victory. Call tracking, and analytic reporting is just one way to help you develop key strategies to stay on top. Figuring out when and how your customers found you is valuable. Let our team show you what we can do.