You probably have one company phone number that you stick everywhere you can: on your website, on sales collateral, on social media sites, on PPC ads & in brochures.

You probably track your website’s analytics like crazy, too. (As you should.) However, most of your advertising and marketing initiatives don’t come with built-in analytics like your website does. Because of this, you’re missing important data that helps you gauge which of your initiatives are the most effective.

That’s where call tracking comes in. We’ve set up countless businesses with call tracking capabilities, so we understand it’s not as self-explanatory as it sounds. As such, we’ve compiled a list of the questions our customers have asked us the most.

We hope they help you gain a better understanding of what call tracking is, why it’s important and if it’s right for your business.

What is call tracking?
Call tracking is the process of attaching a unique phone number to each of your marketing efforts with the intention of determining which initiative drives the greatest results.

What does call tracking do?
• Gauges the impact of each of your ads
• Measures an ROI for each of your ads
• Optimizes future ad spends

How does call tracking work?

Our system works by auto-generating unique phone numbers and providing them to you. This step can be completed within minutes and you can have as many phone numbers as you need. We recommend that you attach a different phone number to each of the marketing initiatives you execute. When a customer calls one of the numbers, it’s recorded by our system. Our reporting allows you to see the details of the call.

What details are recorded?
In a typical campaign, we track the following:
• Total number of calls made by phone number
• Call date, time
• Dialed number and campaign information
• Caller’s location (name, address, if available)
• Call duration
• Call recording
• Call disposition and ranking

On what types of advertising should unique phone numbers be placed?
In short, you’ll want to put a phone number of everything. This includes, but is definitely not limited to, the following:
• Website / dynamic number insertion
• Landing pages
• Social media sites
• PPC ads
• Sales collateral
• Print ads
• Billboards
• Newspaper Ads
• Mobile App campaign
• On-the-go ads: moving billboards or on vehicles

How can I see my results?
Again, every company offers different options. At IVR Tech, we provide call tracking reports in the following ways:
• Excel, PDF, text or CSV
• E-mail
• API integration
• CRM integration

What are the major benefits of call tracking (FAQs)?

In our opinion, here are three of most important benefits of call tracking:

(1) Track your ROI. Using unique, trackable phone numbers proves which of your ads are profitable and which are not. This information allows you to increase and/or slash your ad spend as necessary.

(2) Track multi-channel marketing. Understand how each of your marketing channels performs and gain a complete understanding of what generates phone calls.

(3) Determine your peak calling hours. This sounds basic, but it’s important. Call tracking gives you the ability to pinpoint the exact time and day that you get the most calls, and vice versa. This allows you to staff your office and delegate tasks appropriately.

It’s also worth mentioning that, once it’s set up, call tracking is a self-service application. Simply log on, select a number and tell us where you want the call to go. Once the number is published, you’ll be able to measure your results at any time. You won’t have to wait for a monthly report to be distributed.

Call tracking can be confusing and it may seem like a major investment to get started. However, a good call tracking service provider will work with directly with you to get your program started. They’ll keep you in the loop and help you succeed.

It is absolutely essential that you have a crystal clear understanding of what is generating new and viable opportunities for your business and what is wasting your valuable resources.