Ever wonder how you can track a phone number? Recently, we showed examples of companies that provide great customer service. Each one of them had a common thread, understanding the value of effective communication. Companies, such as Amazon or American Express, optimize solutions to provide excellent customer service.

How can you apply those solutions and keep track of their effectiveness?

The answer is call tracking.

Call tracking allows a company to effectively track a phone number of inbound callers, where they found your number, and how that call came in. Use this information to your advantage, with a whisper message. It’s a brief message, which only your representative will hear, and it helps them better serve your customers.

A whisper message can provide information such as:

• Where the customer is calling from
• Which of your campaigns they called in on
• A customer’s account number

Whisper messaging: share customer information internally without your caller overhearing.

Your representative will provide better customer service when they get a head start on helping your customers. Best of all, whisper messages saves your business time and money. In a study sponsored by Cisco, they determined that real time agent feedback tools could reduce your customers waiting time by as much as 43%. This could also lower the cost of your call by as much as 35%. If they are calling from the number associated with their account it can save a lot of time.

Another way to improve the quality of your customer service is by with digital call recording. With a digital recording included in a call tracking report, you can hear how a call happened in real time. Not only does this allow you to hear how your staff handles a situation, but you can hear valuable feedback from your customers.

Great customer service isn’t just limited to voice conversation, and neither is call tracking. Call tracking can identify whether your customer is on a land line or using a mobile phone. Remember, a short text message can go a long way. 

Provide better customer service with call tracking

Your customers are 10 times more likely to respond to a coupon if it is sent on their mobile device versus traditional means. They will also appreciate things such as tracking information and updates, confirmation numbers associated with a payment, or even a simple thank you.

Our call tracking solution will not only provide insights about your customers and track a phone number, but will also reach out to them with our mobile and text enabled applications. Improve the quality of your customer service with our call tracking solutions today. Generating more customer interaction, will improve customer satisfaction.

Great customer service requires more than good conversation.