As a patient, there is nothing more infuriating than a doctor with his nose glued to his laptop
throughout the brief 15 minute visit you are paying for. Equally concerning are doctor visits where the physician repeatedly asks static information about current medications, and allergies while flipping through a paper chart.

But thankfully, an effort is being made by the medical profession to fine tune the art of incorporating technology while also connecting with patients face to face (literally). New York Times’ Article, “Redefining Medicine With Apps and iPads” mentions various clinicians mastering this skill.

Medical Apps such as MedCalc, Evernote, and Qx Calculate are explained by the interviewed doctor in regards to how they use them in their practice. One doctor referred to Evernote as his “second brain” while another recounts a recent use of MedCalc to determine appropriate dosage instructions according to his patient’s stats.

It is true that the younger generation, educated through technology, is more apt to incorporate it into their medical profession. However, medicine is in a constant evolutionary process.
Today’s obsolete machines and scans were once life-saving, break-through devices catapulting a limited access of biology and medicine into a more comprehensive understanding. Technology has forever aided a physician’s passion for medicine and the people medicine helps. Today’s advances save time, organize information, add efficiency, and reliability to a doctor’s routines and interactions.

IVR Technology Group is excited over the embrace New York Times has highlighted within the Medical field. As we design EHRs and customize MDCall to best fit a specific practice, we feel the responsibility of adding better time management or an increase in quality of care within the Medical industry. As more and more physicians access today’s latest applications and devices (enhancing functionality and saving time), the face to face interactions they feared losing will actually have more moments added to them.

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