Absolut Care doesn’t give much
thought to MDCall. In response, IVR Technology Group couldn’t be more thrilled!

Absolut Care is comprised of multiple independent living facilities as well as round the clock nursing facilities in Western New York. Everyday Absolut is responsible for administering care to people who depend on them for an enhanced quality of life. Absolut has utilized the service of MDCall for a number of years now. I met with Houghton’s Assistant Director of Nursing Staff (Kathy Moorely) to walk me through their facility’s experience with MDCall.

The gap between Absolut’s people-centered nursing staff and my own technical perspective as IVR Tech’s service representative made me chuckle. I assumed we would talk about programing and editing the various factors the system considers when contacting a clinician and straightening the path from contact to recipient. Finding myself halfway through my “MDCall monologue” of various what-ifs, I realized how wide Kathy’s eyes were and how big she was smiling.

“The system just works.” Kathy states matter-of-fact. “We call one number, a doctor calls us back, and the patient’s care is delivered quickly. It’s very easy.”

Her response cracked me up! The hiccups and hang-ups of getting in contact with a clinician are details Kathy never deals with. Every call placed, at any time, to any physician is received instantaneously every time.

Each phone call made to consult with other clinicians over the direction of care (whether immediate or routine) is the responsibility of MDCall. Reliability, speed, and convenience make forgetting about MDCall easy. IVR Tech couldn’t be more thrilled over the testimony of a customer who so solidly engrains MDCall’s survice into the day-to-day functionality of their company’s comings and goings. This type of reliable, fast service makes MDCall a constant convenience Absolut’s staff is able to take for granted. Clinicians successfully coordinate care through MDCall.

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