Outbound IVR Services & Solutions

Deliver information effectively without compromising your customer’s experience.

Outbound IVR will allow you to call hundreds of customers for things like conducting surveys, reminding them of upcoming appointments or past due bills.

IVR Tech’s Expert Solution: Outbound IVR Solutions

Increase your business’ operations and build a loyal customer base by giving your customers exactly what they want. It might sound complicated, but it’s pretty simple with outbound IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

Voice Broadcast or Text Blast

Send interactive calls and SMS messages automatically.

Instantly Connect

Key Benefits of Outbound IVR

Personalized messaged

Create and deliver custom messages that resonate with your customers

Predictive & auto-dialer options

Make calls faster & weed out bad phone numbers

‘Do not call’ list management

Ensure you’re not contacting anyone who doesn’t want to hear from you

Ease of Use

Intuitive web-based interface with expert technical support available 24/7

CRM Integration

Deliver personalized messages and keep track of your interactions


Deliver calls faster than ever before

Fully Scalable

You’ll have the freedom to increase or decrease your efforts as you deem necessary

Upload & store leads

Make future communication easy by maintaining a database of your current and potential customers

Common uses for Outbound IVR

Appointment Reminders


Payment reminders

Shipping Notifications

Health assessment calls


Emergency Notification


Closing Announcements

Fundraising Requests

Lead generation

Account activation

Voice or Text Blast

Send interactive calls
SMS messages.

Instantly Connect

IVR Surveys

Collect valuable feedback with iSurvey360

Customer Feedback

Custom IVR

Superior IVR, customized for your business

IVR Solutions

Predictive Dialer

Contact more leads, sell more prospects & make more sales

Predictive Dialer

Outbound IVR in Practical Use

Outbound IVR technology can be used to survey customers about their experience after visiting a store to ask if they were pleased with their product or the service they received.

It can be as simple as “Press 1 if you are satisfied or Press 2 if you are not satisfied”.

Other Outbound IVR services include notifying customers of upcoming appointments, payments overdue, shipment status or fundraising requests. They can also be used by retailers to contact customers to see if they want to reorder products or online pharmacies to see if a customer needs a prescription refilled.

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