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Did you know?

60% of customers attempt to resolve their issues through self service …

… but only 20% are able to successfully resolve their issue.

This means the majority of your customers begin interacting with you online, but have to complete the interaction over the phone. If the information they’ve given you isn’t passed from one channel to the next, you’ll waste time re-collecting it.

This makes for frustrated customers, longer calls, longer wait times & a sub-par customer experience.

Visual IVR

A visual element added into your existing IVR. Troubleshooting, support & general service becomes significantly easier.

Benefits of Visual IVR

By incorporating a visual element into your existing IVR, your company will make troubleshooting, support & general service significantly easier. In short, you’ll be delivering a better customer experience and creating happier, more loyal customers.

Visual IVR reduces the average call time by 3 minutes, it collects identification info before the caller is connected to a live agent.


Deliver more personalized interactions


Shorter call times


Reduced effort


Reduce agent AHT


Improved call routing


More conversion, cross sell & retention opportunities


Increased business agility


Increased customer loyalty


Fewer incoming phone calls


Increased revenue

Common Uses for Visual IVR

Use VIVR to collect alphanumeric data, integrate with a smart device’s phone or GPS and embed existing multi-media content.



Public Utility

Bill explanation, outage/gas leak reporting, budget billing, direct pay, meter reading, find nearest payment office



Loan application status, dispute a charge, report stolen card, manage international travel, consultative call types, find a branch



Technical support, plan upgrades, make a claim, bill explanation, international roaming, find nearest store, upsell warranty, offers



Item inquiry, new order, upsell while on hold, store locator, stock check, configure products, automated RMA


Property & Insurance

Bill explanation, accident assistance, policy renewal




Travel-related notifications & re-booking, Sales/upsell



Fraud prevention, Shipping updates/cargo tracking



Past due bills & payment processing


Subscriptions & Transactions

Subscription renewal, Transaction confirmation



Appointment reminders, confirmations, scheduling



Past due accounts, payment processing

How Does Visual IVR Work?

Incorporate Visual IVR right into your existing website to make self service easier and more effective. Your customers can verify their identity and indicate why they are calling. In some cases, they will be able to solve their own problem or answer their own question. If not, they’ll be connected to a live agent. Our intelligent VIVR system will pass all the info they’ve already entered to the live agent they speak with so they don’t have to spend their time repeating themselves.

Visual IVR gets your customers to the info they’re looking for quickly. There’s no app that has to be installed and no waiting for the best menu option. Users can touch their way through the selections, enter alphanumeric info and even send in pictures to help convey their message. They can easily navigate through the menu options, and can even move back a step if need be.

What is Visual IVR (VIVR)

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