Click to Call

Enable your website visitors to contact you voice to voice with ONE CLICK.

Instantly connect with your customer on a voice call with Click-to-Call and accelerate your sales. Whenever a customer enters their phone number into your Click-to-Call, both your phone and their phone will ring, facilitating conversation and saving both parties time.

Easy to Add

Embed a Click-to-Call link into your website within minutes.

Better Customer Service

Turn more site visitors into paying customers by providing unparalleled on-the-spot customer support.

Know All About Who Clicked

Click-to-Call comes with complete reports about each call, including the referral source and keyword of traffic to your website, the page the web visitor called from, the duration of the call and more.

Send It Where You Want It

Click-to-Call services route callers based on your schedule, connecting callers to your business’ IVR service or directing them through a toll-free or local phone number.

Take Advantage of Warm Leads

Encourage visitors to follow through in contacting you by providing them with an immediate method to do so.

Works Anywhere

Whether you use a known CMS like WordPress or a custom CMS or no CMS at all!

Click to Call

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