Automated Payment Reminders

Why are you still making manual phone calls to collect on past due invoices? Automated Payment Reminders offer an option for customers to connect directly into a secure, self-service PayByPhone System. 

Automated Outbound Broadcasts can significantly reduce the collection effort, offering improved efficiencies over manually dialing.

With access to our Self-Service Platform, scheduling a voice broadcast can be executed in just a few clicks. Pull the A/R Aging Report from your billing system containing the account balances and corresponding phone numbers to be dialed. Upload your report and schedule the exact date and time to deliver the reminder notices. Our system can dial the numbers all-at-once or spread calls evenly over a day or several days – whatever you prefer.

Using a simple IVR (interactive voice response) to deliver your broadcast notifications, can enhance the end user’s experience allowing them to elect to transfer directly into our secure* PCI Compliant PayByPhone System.

*{PCI Compliance adherence is essential for all businesses taking payments over the phone. If your operators are taking credit card or ACH/direct debit information directly from customers over the phone, you are greatly increasing the risk of violation}

Employing the use of these systems can eliminate data storage and processing vulnerabilities, remove human error and most importantly, effectively save you time and money.

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IVR Technology Group is a secure voice and text applications service provider. Our main solutions include call tracking and pay by phone.

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