IVR Technology Group LLC, a Buffalo-based text and voice application development company, announced today its acquisition of Florida-based 800 Adept, an enterprise-level call tracking and call analytics company.

Located near Orlando, Florida, 800 Adept helps organizations track, analyze, and optimize voice interactions for greater marketing return on investment. 800 Adept builds call tracking and analytics solutions for several Fortune 500 companies.

Notably, 800 Adept is the only company that holds call intelligence routing patents in both the United States and Canada.

“IVR Technology Group is committed to bringing together astute technologists and deep industry subject matter expertise to bear on customer challenges,” said Akash Desai, IVR Technology Group’s President. “And so, this acquisition makes perfect sense. The 800 Adept team, skillfully led by Wey Wey Wong and Sumeet Arora, bring call analytics and optimization expertise that perfectly compliments our solutions.”

Over the last few months, the leadership team at IVR Tech has outlined several long-terms goals for the company. Among them was to increase the company’s brand awareness and reach. This acquisition brings the company one step closer to achieving that goal.

“Combined, these two companies have over 50 years of experience in the IVR, telephony and text-based industry,” said Mike Byrne, CEO of IVR Tech. “This makes us one of the most experienced groups in this field. We’ve also doubled our client base and increased our internal skill set immeasurably. As a united team, we look forward to continuing to grow into a bigger company that’s able to deliver increasingly exceptional experiences to every single one of our customers.”

For more information on IVR Technology Group, please visit its website: www.ivrtechgroup.com

About IVR Technology Group

Founded in 2003, IVR Tech builds highly secure voice and text applications that are delivered within a single user experience.  IVR Tech has built over 2,500 solutions that have helped its clients improve their internal and external business communications.

IVR Tech hosts each of its applications in a platinum-grade security environment, offers a flexible range of services – from self-service to white glove account handling – and a deep subject matter expertise in a range of major industries. The company has placed a heavy emphasis on serving compliance-driven industries. As such, providing unparalleled data security is a cornerstone of IVR Tech’s business model.

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