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I have some good news to share. This afternoon, we announced that IVR Technology Group, a secure voice and text application service provider, finished its acquisition of Florida-based 800 Adept, an enterprise-level call tracking and analytics company.

800 Adept and its subsidiary Adeptel are two strong businesses which complement our solution lines; bringing our companies together paves the way for deeper offerings which, I know, our customers will love.

Phone calls are a central and important part of our life. And in a world of eroding competitive advantages for businesses, voice interactions are a key way to build and maintain customer loyalty.

IVR Technology Group’s obsession with optimizing voice interactions began with its founding. That remains important to us today. That’s why we have invested in 800 Adept’s extraordinary team and innovative solutions which help organizations route calls to the most optimal resource and analyze the calls to help drive meaningful revenues.

800 Adept managers and call analytics veterans Wey Wey Wong and Sumeet Arora will join IVR Technology Group along with their team of employees. This expertise coupled with three call routing patents and proprietary telco data convinces me that we will be able to provide our customers with highly granular call routing intelligence and enterprise-level analytics that will be hard to replicate.

Post-routing, IVR Technology Group’s complimentary set of call automation and optimization solutions will further enhance caller experience. We think this lineup, in total, means better voice interactions and happier callers.

I am very excited about the possibilities for the future. And I wanted to share this moment with you.


For our official press release, please click here.

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Akash Desai

Akash Desai

Akash serves as the President at IVR. In this capacity, he provides strategic oversight over the organization. Prior to owning IVR Technology Group, Akash founded, managed and sold two technology start‐ups. He serves on multiple non‐profit and corporate boards.

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