IVR Tech’s solutions have been used by our utilities customers to create and deploy IVR applications including:

Service Notification

Most utility companies are looking for a solution to rapidly connect customers and employees with time-sensitive information. IVR Technology Group’s outbound calling solution can instantly deliver notification calls to any phone. From a few ports to thousands, an IVR solution can be scaled to meet your needs. This solution is invaluable during emergencies and service outages.

Call Center Automation

Utilities are under pressure to reduce customer service and support center costs. With intelligent use of inbound call triage and information presentation, call center costs can be reduced dramatically. Integration with call center information systems also enables the automation of routine simple tasks which frees live agents to handle more complex issues.

Customer Surveys

Utilities with strong customer focus want to engage their customers in conversations. IVR Technology Group’s IVR survey solutions – whether an outbound satisfaction survey or a post-call survey – help facilitate these conversations.

Dispatch and Service Completion

Utilities can use IVR Technology Group’s solutions to allow remote technicians to receive automated dispatch calls and call in to report service status and completion updates from any mobile phone.

Bill Reminders

Utilities can use outbound bill reminder calls coupled with an automated pay-by-phone solution to provide convenient service to customers, reduce the past due accounts receivable overhead, and cut unnecessary service disconnects. All with a negligible incremental cost.

Custom IVR

Utilities have worked with IVR Technology Group to create very unique IVR solutions for their organizations. Introduce your concept to the IVR Technology Group team and see how we engage with your needs creatively.


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