Automatically Route Calls With Precision & Speed

Our automated answering service combines interactive voice response systems with integrated phone, Internet, and paging services handles. iAnswer features accurate call handling, reliable and consistent service, and complete control over call management.

Key features of iAnswer

Complete Call Management

We’ll work with you to develop a precise call flow process that’s based on your existing workflow and protocols. Once in place, each inbound call will be directed through the process so it lands with the right person every single time.

Convenient Notifications

Notifications are based on employee preferences. Your VP of Sales can choose to receive e-mail alerts while your Marketing Coordinator gets phone calls. Notifications escalate according to urgency, with emergency calls notifying the phone tree until they’re addressed and less immediate calls being queued for a later response. Based on your instructions, iAnswer will know how to contact employees according to their individual work schedules & contact preferences.

Call Escalation

Providing fail-safe notification means every outbound page is logged. If the call is not respond to within a specified amount of time, iAnswer will automatically follow your call escalation protocol. The system intensifies its efforts to reach the desired clinician by re-paging, utilizing alternate contact devices, and even calling alternate personnel, if required. Notification management insures the message gets through. SMS, conventional pager, e-mail, or PDA are all communication options available.

Protection from Liability

iAnswer keeps record of all incoming messages over a time period determined by the client. All outbound call logs are kept indefinitely. Voice messages are downloadable from the iAnswer server onto your hard drive.

Accuracy and Consistency

iAnswer picks up all inbound calls on the first ring and never places callers on hold. Callers are directed through the call process you predetermine. Custom call flow means correct inbound and outbound messaging every time.

Easy Contact Management

With iAnswer, employees can easily manage their specific work schedules contact preferences. They can change their settings right over the phone or via the web and have them go into effect immediately. Where traditional answering services have a hard time differentiating among employees, iAnswer organizes individual employees accurately and responds effectively.

Unified Messaging

iAnswer exists not only to act as an answering service but also as an electronic organizer. Productivity features such as voicemail-by-email, web-based on-call schedule management, and mobile messaging prove to help each clinician utilize their time efficiently. Employees can forward stored voicemails to one another or send a single message to a distribution list.


Your business can start using iAnswer with no initial upfront expenditures. We provide more services while charging you much less than traditional live operator answering services. Furthermore, with iAnswer, you pay only for what you use. There are no high fixed monthly costs.

Professional Consultants Ready to Help

IVR Technology Group’s staff will help you throughout the process of migrating from your current answering service provider. They will help your practice develop a custom call flow process based on its communication requirements – the number of employees to service, the on-call schedules to accommodate, the number of hospitals or clients you cover, and more. Our staff will help you think through the issues at hand and suggest solutions based on prior experience.

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