Rock Health, a digital health accelerator, has great news for startups. Investor partners of theirs have agreed to increase seed funding from $20,000 to $100,000. In only the last two years, Rock Health has shepherded 35 digital health start-ups.

Halle Tecco (CEO of Rock Health) recently stated,

“Our goal is to encourage the next generation of tech entrepreneurs to focus on ways to improve health outcomes. The increased amount of seed capital will allow us to provide more resources to entrepreneurs who are developing clever, product-centric business ideas that solve meaningful problems in healthcare.”

Think of all the ways patients are utilizing technology to take command of their nutrition, weight loss, exercise routine and even diabetes or breathing treatments. Aside from patients acquiring a sense of control over their health, technology within the healthcare system is playing an instrumental role in helping clinicians free up valuable moments to spend with patients.

EHRs are a perfect example of a brilliant, secure, time-saving technological advance that meets a need while improving the record keeping process, storage, and reliability. MDCall‘s call messaging service is another highly dependable line of communication within a hospital or practice that saves time, effort, and lives.

The availability for entrepreneurs to flesh out their digital health innovations is a present condition of today’s demand for technology to melt within the arena of healthcare. Applications of Rock Health’s next San Francisco based program were being excepted as early as yesterday. The promise of technological advances for healthcare make Rock Health, their investors, and all participants ecstatic about the near future possibilities.

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